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And They Lived Heterosexually Ever After: Why I’m Not Recapping Once Upon A Time Anymore


And They Lived Heterosexually Ever After: Why I’m Not Recapping Once Upon A Time Anymore


There have been some inquiries as to where the Once Upon A Time recaps have gone. This post is meant to answer those inquiries and address something that I believe is of grave concern to our community, a terrible disease lurking in the bones of many a piece of media. Yes, my dear friends, I speak of queerbaiting.

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This is so fucking concise. Beautiful.

Hello, lovely 'Swan Queen' shipper, are you a...?


Hola, Swan Queen Nation!

I’ve been noticing that lately we’re being called a ‘bunch of dumb lesbians’ or ‘fucking dykes’ and all kinds of lovely names, because of our belief that Emma and Regina belong together.

Nevermind the great chemistry, the epic love story, the gazes, the eye sex, the fact that they create magic and move fucking planets together, that they share a son and that they could be each’s other second chance at true love. Oh no, we just ship them because we’re just a bunch of dykes that only want to see some girl on girl action in a fucking ABC show. 

So, I’m making a poll, a survey if you will, to see the how our beloved ship is distributed in means of gender and sexuality. 

Now, you need to be honest in your answer and only vote once, the poll is designed to block your IP after you do it, so you only get one shot (You don’t need more)

Also, you can help me spread the word. Reblog this post to all your SQ friends and followers and ask them to do the same. The idea is that the whole fandom, or at least a very big part of it, partake in the poll. 

Thanks! and don’t forget to vote!


So, this ROBIN HOOD...

In 3 episodes he:

- flirts a little bit with Regina (talking about her “assets”).
- asks her for a drink
- he has a son and a dead (for now) wife
- he smells like forest
- he can steal from Regina’s pocket

THIS is litterally all we know about him.

And yet Regina goes and kisses him.

ZERO emotive build up
WE DON’T see them building a relationship
ZERO backstory (they barely met in the EF)

And I should ship them? LMAO.

What about: No thanks, I’m not 12 anymore.

I think the best relationship with the best romantic backstory was Snow/Charming. And now the their relationship is totally stagnant.

And another relationship with a great backstory was Aurora/Mulan. They had more of a story than Aurora and her boyfriend, and yet all three of them were all just suddenly written off of the show with no closure.

This show is losing its ability to write functional relationships.

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